This morning I took my little brother Bryce to meet up with my friend Nick Castillo on his last day of spring break. We didn’t go ridiculously early but ended up hitting the water at around 7:30. The first flat we pulled up to was behind the Sandy Hook on Matlacha. A half hour into it Bryce hooked up to the first fish of the day on an Unfair Lures gold “rip n slash”.

Solid 18" Redfish

Healthy 18″ Redfish

We continued north towards Indian Fields methodically fishing our way through. The next hour and a half we caught nothing besides a small trout and a lady fish until suddenly Nick and I watched Bryce’s rod double over and we knew he had a solid fish on. He pulled in an insane trout (For Southwest Florida at least) weighing between 5 and 6 lbs and measuring in at 26″.

Rip n Slash at it again!

Rip n Slash at it again!


Now Nick and I had our ego’s getting beat up by an 8th grader so we had to do something about it. We had a gentle Southwest wind pushing us over the flat and so it was time to sight fish some reds. After quite a few spooky fish refusing our Jerk Baits Nick finally got a little one to eat on the edge of a pothole.


I was way over due for a fish because it was already almost 11. I made a long cast, helped along by the wind , to another pothole 25 yds away and watched  a beautiful 25″ brightly colored redfish slurp up my jerkbait in what would be my lone fish of the day.




The fish were hard to come by after that, but I ended up seeing a fish in a pothole near Nick so I pointed it out to him and he made a perfect cast that was rewarded by a solid 18″ trout.



The fish were there all day but the ones that ate were all sitting in the potholes  and sort of methodical, as winter turns completely to spring Southwest Florida’s arguably best fishing time is upon us. Thanks for reading and keep checking up for more reports from!

-Preston Haytac