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Exploring Pineland

Joey Nicotra




by Joey Nicotra

I was able to fly down for a couple of days this weekend and got in as much kayak fishing as was physically possible. On Saturday, I met up with Preston to go get some trout and reds out of Pineland.

We got out around 8:00am as the negative tide was just starting to rise. We paddled a good distance south over mere inches of water on the big grass flat just off the launch. We came up on some potholes and sandy patches near the entrance to Foster Bayou and immediately began scoring trout.


I was getting the most action by slowly “walkin’ the dog” with a topwater.


Preston was getting bit on a green weedless jerkbait. He even had a bluefish take a swing at his lure.


At one point, we were getting trout on every other cast.


We had redfish on our minds, though, and continued deeper into the mangrove islands and skinny flats surrounding them.


It wasn’t long before Preston found this nice little redfish while fan-casting on a 1 foot deep flat.


We ventured further back into the mangroves and did a bit of exploring.



We were still in some very shallow water, so finding fish was difficult. We got a chance to see tons of birds that are spending their winter down in SW Florida.




On the paddle back out to the flat, the tide was up higher so we made a split decision to fish a small cove that looked fishy, and it paid off with this mid-slot red on a rootbeer colored jerkshad.

IMG_8576 IMG_8601 IMG_8590

It was great to get back on the water and had a blast with a good buddy!



River Snook Fishing

Zane Smith




By: Zane Smith

Headed out with a few friends for a morning trip on Sunday after loading up on whitebait at the Sanibel B span. We went up river looking for snook in the canals on the morning incoming. Found lots of snook Willing to eat in the canals with the best water movement.





Our strategy was pitching under tied up boats, docks and mangroves. There were also good amounts of snook in blind pass.


At the end of the day, we pitched some of the last baits under my buddies dock and were pleasantly surprised with this nice double header.


Have some heavy tackle and be ready  for some moose snook!!



Sailfish and More from the Kayak

Bobby Buzaki






by Bobby Buzaki


Finally, a calm day in winter! It has been a slow winter for offshore fishing, rough weather has prevented most from going out for months. This last Sunday (1/20) was one of very few days that the weather cooperated. Some buddies and I went out of Dania and some went out of Pompano. The first drop of the vertical jig that day yielded a small amberjack. Then we moved on to a buoy located a few miles out. Another buddy hooked a sailfish as soon as we got there on a live goggle eye, but was lost when the drag locked up and the line broke. After that, none of us had any hits, so we decided to go to a local grouper hole in about 185ft of water. The vertical jigs weren’t working so my buddy changed to a bucktail jig tipped with squid. Again, the first drop was a success and he landed a scamp grouper. On the second drop he hooked a mystery sea monster, and after fighting the monster for 20 minutes, it turned out to be a big stingray.


After that action, we decided to split up, and some guys went further offshore while I went more inshore to 120-130 ft of water. The signs were all there for something good to bite, like some triggerfish and lots of bait. Before long, my dad’s goggle eye got hit by a small amberjack on the surface. After fighting it for 5 minutes, it was caught and released unharmed. Not even 10 minutes after putting out another goggle eye, we decided to head in a little more, then it happened, my dad’s clicker started going. As he set the hook the fish was coming in slowly so we both thought it was a little fish until it jumped. My dad managed to hook a nice sailfish right as we were going to go in. After a few jumps and being dragged back out to 200ft he was able to land successfully his first sailfish on a kayak.


That’s when we decided to call it a day.




In pompano, lots of rat kings are on the wrecks hitting vertical jigs with a few keepers mixed in as well. Inshore, the spanish mackerel are biting anything. Off dania pier, the spanish mackerel are hitting mostly white crappie jigs but some are hitting gotchas and spoons but mostly crappie jigs. They are chasing glass minnows all around the pier all day so cast anything that looks like a small minnow and work it in fast and you should get hit. All in all, if it is too rough to go kayak fishing, go walk the pier with a crappie jig to get a few mackerel for dinner.




Bobby Buzaki


Success Fishing on a Windy Day





by Preston Haytac


I took off from school on Friday to kayak fish with my cousin, Randy, who had just come down from Pittsburgh. He got to my house at 7:00 am and it really looked like it would be an awful weather day, so we decided to stick to some canals in Cape Coral. With all the wind and the fish being lock jawed, I only managed one snook and my cousin got skunked. After three hours of slow fishing, I decided to pick up and go bass fishing in the freshwater canals. It just so happened that we were passing Pine Island and I made a spur of the moment call to go give it a shot. We launched from Matlacha Park around 12:30 pm and made a quick paddle out to the Sandy Hook bridge area in search of anything, if only just ladyfish and trout. The wind was still blowing hard so it was a lot of drifting and paddling, but after about a half hour I got a nice hit from a 23″ redfish.


Not even 5 minutes later Randy hooked up to a decent trout and we began salvaging our lost day. After another hour of missed hookups and and only a puny lizardfish to show for our efforts, I was about to call it a day. Before I could say anything, though, I hear my cousins drag screaming big time.


After a solid 10 minute fight, Randy got the beast of a redfish close enough so I could get out and grab it.


The redfish measured in at 32″ and had some huge shoulders on it.

IMG_0695We of course decided to stay longer and I was determined to get myself a slam since all I needed was the trout. It just so happened that now Randy was in position to get himself a nice slam and so we paddled over to the other side of the small bridge where I knew we could both have a shot at our respective fish. Not two minutes after we started fishing the flat I hear Randy shout “big snook big snook!!”. I looked over just in time to see it dart right under his kayak to the other side and make a huge leap spitting the hook in the process. It was a bummer, but a couple of minutes later we got into a mess of trout and I completed my slam with a solid 20″ fish that I kept for dinner.

IMG_0697After that we were both exhausted and decided to head in, but Randy did add a cherry on top with a little redfish he caught on the paddle back.


We ended up truly making the best of a terrible start to the day and though I couldnt get him a slam my cousin is for sure addicted to kayak fishing!



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